Local Culture

Dahab is a beautiful blend of many cultures from passed to present. It attracts a diverse crowd of inhabitants who shall eventually all have something in common – their love for this magical place!


The oldest standing community in Dahab are the Bedouin Muzziena tribe. The local Sinai Bedouin are divided into many tribes and have settled in the Sinai for over 800 years. The Bedouin who still live in Dahab have chosen to remain here and give Dahab is rich cultural heritage. Most Dahab Bedouin still maintain their rural way of life and rely on their herds of goats and sheep for dairy products and meat. Bedouin men are responsible to earn the living for their families and mostly work as safari/camel guides, drivers and shop-keepers with a few who are members of the local council too. The Bedouin women mostly work at home, tending to their families, livestock and some also make beautiful handicraft which can be bought in some of the local shops. Some of the most amazing camel hair carpets, bead work and embroidery being their specialty.

The largest population group in Dahab is made up of Egyptian nationals who mostly live here working in either the tourism, construction, hospitality, government or diving industry. These Egyptians come from all over Egypt and bring a rich and diverse cultural aspect to this small town. From farmers from the Delta, to urbanites from Cairo and Alexandria and Sa’idis from upper Egypt, its a great blend of Egypt in one place. This portion of the community, bring with them a diverse set of skills and are a wonderful piece of Dahab’s patchwork quilt.

The smallest group of Dahab’s residents are its foreign community many of whom originally came here on holiday and either never left or eventually came back in search of a better life. Dahab’s relaxed atmosphere and superior quality of life is something most people who live in the fast-paced West long for. Here it is the simple pleasures that are enjoyed – the stark beauty of the mountains and sea, the diverse nature of the people, and value of all that is around us. Many foreigners have set up home here and have gone on to have families here now too which has made Dahab a great place for family holidays. Here family values are held high and the blend of Dahab’s next generation is an exciting prospect for the future.

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