Horse Riding in Dahab

Blue Beach Club has the only privately run and owned stable in Dahab where all the horses are kept to the highest possible standards. The philosophy and ideal of our stable is to provide the best care and most professional riding experience to our guests as well as following our passion by caring for and admiring these beautiful creatures.

Riding & Lessons

We offer anything from 1 hour up to 5 hour rides along the coast and into the surrounding desert valleys which offer some of the most tranquil settings with vast landscapes and breathtaking sunsets or sunrises.  Your dreams of galloping along the waters edge or into the desert can become a reality.  We pride ourselves in well-maintained English style equipment and snaffle bits.  We also insist that all our riders wear a helmet which we provide and have all sizes of.

We are pleased to offer riding lessons for beginners and more experienced riders of all ages.  Linda Smith who has been riding most her life is a kind compassionate teacher who will guide you through a well-rounded learning experience.  Lessons include:  grooming, tacking-up, groundwork and riding